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Welcome to your resource for working with the new Union Customs Code legislation. The aim is to simplify UCC and its impact on your business … as well as helping you remove the risks and reap the rewards.

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Union Customs Code
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Looking to streamline your customs routines? Want to find new business opportunities? Make yourself at home and explore the most relevant answers to your situation.

How relevant is UCC to you? And how urgent?
UCC Navigator – Our online tool that navigates you through EU customs law with ease
The new Union Customs Code, UCC, is already influencing several companies, but not all are taking actions accordingly. A recent study by KGH Customs Services shows that uncertainty about what to do is a main reason why companies are not yet taking measures.
In May last year, the initial implementation phase of the new Union Customs Code, UCC began, and already during the autumn several companies perceived an impact in several areas. This was revealed in a survey conducted during autumn 2016.
Download our report covering the impact of UCC, and let the results help you plan what to do. Learn about what areas in the businesses that are impacted and main obstacles for not taking actions.
To avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to identify and manage the potential risks in our day to day customs processes.
The Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) permit is one of the fundamentals for accessing the simplifications and benefits laid out in the UCC. But what are the requirements you need to fulfil? Learn about five key criteria you need to meet when applying for AEO.
What will the new Union Customs Code (UCC) implementation involve? And when? Unfortunately, the exact details and the timeline are still unclear.

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