Illustration of iceberg

The hidden costs
(and opportunities) of customs

There’s a lot more to customs handling and its costs than meets the eye. It’s not just about the customs duty you pay. There are all the operational costs of your customs routines, not to mention the extra work and risks of non-compliance. And if that’s not enough there are the business opportunities you can’t afford to miss …

With UCC having a deep impact on all aspects of your customs and trade management, it seems like a good time to give you a simple overview of what might be involved.

Of course, we understand that this is a very simple overview and the issues involved may be much more complicated and far-reaching in your own organisation.

Feel free to contact us at KGH if you want help in getting a true picture of your situation and how to make the most of UCC and your customs management.

The right knowledge of how to be creative, plan, execute and be compliant within your customs handling can boost your entire business. Get the most out of suppliers (for example through optimal sourcing that increases margins), not to mention your production, logistics and customers – and stay miles ahead of the competition. After all, how many people in your business know the iceberg even exists?


Posted by KGH Customs, 3 years ago



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