How to sell UCC within your company

If you work with customs and trade issues for your organization, then you’ll be aware that new UCC (Union Customs Code) legislation is underway.

It’s designed to streamline and simplify customs handling and make trade easier. That’s the plan anyway but it’ll involve work for you and your company to become fully compliant. Not to mention investments in customs and other business software once the full digitalization kicks in. But is getting up to speed with UCC much of a priority in your organization? Is it even on the map with a strategy and a budget?

Probably not – and you and your company aren’t alone in this. One of the main obstacles to a successful and painless implementation of the new rules will be getting higher management to understand UCC and put it on the agenda.

With that in mind, when you want to convince bosses and sell the idea of getting fully prepared for UCC, there are a few things to mention.


It’s self-financing …

For almost all businesses driven by international trade, the time and money spent on getting fully prepared for UCC should result in quicker, more cost-effective customs routines. As well as more accurate routines that help you avoid paying higher duties by mistake or penalties for incorrect customs declarations.

It’s value-adding …

Getting fully prepared for UCC also means that you’ll have a clearer understanding of the risks and rewards to your business … not just with the day-to-day customs handling mentioned before, but also for ensuring your business is set up optimally. Such as making sure you have the right suppliers, the right customers, the right production and the right logistics. Because the process of getting prepared for UCC means you can also explore the most favourable customs and trade terms. Terms that may transform your business when it comes to cost, revenue, profit, risk … even who you deal with and where.

There’s no time to waste …

With the potential cost savings and value gains, there’s no time like the present to get started. And it could even put you well ahead of the competitors in your marketplace, giving you an edge that will define the future shape of your business.

Posted by KGH Customs, 3 years ago



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