The Union Customs Code is already affecting several areas of the business

In May last year, the initial implementation phase of the new Union Customs Code, UCC began, and already during the autumn several companies perceived an impact in several areas, beyond the focus of the first changes. This was revealed in a survey conducted during autumn 2016.

A majority perceived that the first changes influenced their business

The first changes in the new UCC were implemented on 1 May 2016. Over 60% of the respondents stated that the UCC has already started to affect them. However, the actual figure may be even higher considering that all current permits will be reconsidered. Almost 1 out of 10 perceived a strong impact.

Have the changes in the Union Customs Code (UCC) started to affect your company yet?

YES 61%             NO 39%

The changes affect several areas, beyond the scope of the changes

The study shows that many companies have taken actions in several areas, and not only in those that were primarily affected in the initial implementation phase. Permits and routines are the most common areas, but actions have also been taken within competence, software and data quality.

Has your company taken any action related to the UCC? Specify in which areas:



A holistic view ensures a successful outcome

When planning for the UCC, it is an important takeaway that any change will most likely influence several areas of your business. They are often interrelated. Therefore, it is essential that you do not limit your planning and the actions you take solely to the scope of the change. Instead, you must review the impact in each of the five areas mentioned in the diagram and plan your actions from this holistic perspective. This will ensure a smooth transition and a successful outcome, while keeping required resources to a minimum.


If you are interested in learning more about how the UCC is influencing businesses, you can download the full report.

You can also download your own UCC checklist which helps you manage the five areas mentioned above.

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Catharina Olofsson, Consulting Director


Posted by Ann-sofie Fransson, 3 years ago



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